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Building a Strong Foundation

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Leadership LC Valley

Building a Strong Foundation

Leadership LC Valley is the ideal program for preparing the leaders of tomorrow. The program connects individuals to the community through a nine month series of educational days featuring topics like tourism, government & infrastructure, economic development, media, education, healthcare, manufacturing & industry, and non-profits in the LC Valley.

Leadership LC Valley is unlike other programs because it provides participants with the opportunity to meet and discuss issues with key community leaders. Participants study the qualities that make an effective leader, analyze individual leadership roles, and develop personal leadership styles and skills. The personal connections are invaluable to business and civic leadership.

Individual Leadership

  • Cultivate personal leadership and professionals skills for long-term growth.
  • Develop a lasting network of peers, across all industries and career levels.
  • Strengthen their understanding of the Lewis Clark Valley.
  • Engage with prominent senior leaders in the Lewis Clark Valley and surrounding areas.

Leading Organizations

Participants rapidly gain deep community awareness and establish meaningful connections that help retain valuable employees. Employees develop relationships with peers in other organizations and sectors, learning new approaches to problem solving, and uncovering new resources they can call on in the future.
Employees bring a better understanding of current and potential key leadership skills back to the office where they can apply them immediately. Participants become confident leaders by working on real world projects in teams with tight time frames and limited resources.


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